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About Us

We are Pastors Bill and Jennifer Craft as well as affiliate staff with Family Life. We have been married since 1994 and early on in our marriage we learned the importance of purposefully investing in our marriage so that it continued to thrive and grow.

We liken the analogy of car maintenance to marriage maintenance.  If we don’t get tune ups on our car, rotate the tires, change the oil and fill it up with gas, our car will eventually quit working. 

Marriage Maintenance is the same way.  God gives us the blueprint for marriage in His Word and provides us with all the necessary tools to not just maintain a healthy marriage but to have marriages that are Heaven on Earth…marriages that are a reflection of God’s Love. 

We believe part of our purpose as a married couple is to share the God-given tools that we have sought after, use and continue to grow in, with seriously dating, engaged & married couples so that they may benefit and grow from what we have experienced and learned.

We are passionate about God and His awesome plan for marriage.  We purposefully give "Marriage Matters" Priority because our marriage matters...YOUR MARRIAGE MATTERS.


Marriage Maintenance  Events


Everyone has 100% chance for Marriage Success when they do it God's Way.  Be proactive in getting and using the right tools to build and fortify a strong marriage foundation.



Building Biblical Solid Foundations for new couples BEFORE they say "I Do"-
Take your God given differences and learn how to use them to grow your relationship.  Save your marriage BEFORE it starts by acquiring the right tools.


Marriage Enrichment Classes & Seminars


Deepening, Enriching and Strengthening Marriages-
Marriage isn't the end's just the beginning of a life long love affair of intentionally pursuing the heart of your spouse.



Encouraging couples in distress-
We provide real help, with application steps and resources to move from problem maintenance, to preventative and proactive marriage maintenance.


Love is not a feeling; it's a decision.  It's not something you experience; it's something you CHOOSE to do.

Pastor Jimmy Evans


York, PA

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