It's Personal!

May 26, 2017

God is an up close and personal, intimate relationship kind of God...marriage is a picture of that relationship. Want that kind of marriage? Receive Jesus...put God first in your marriage and watch what God will do. After all, marriage is a covenant relationship with Him...when our marriage needs some maintenance, God takes it personally; and when we take His Word personally, it will change our circumstances.


Here are 3 practical ways

to put God first in your marriage.


1.  Cultivate a relationship with God.  God is in hot pursuit after our hearts.  He desires fellowship with us, time with us, conversation with us.  He is a jealous God...not the sick kind of jealous, but passionate kind of jealous that desires face to face, heart to heart, quality time and conversation with me and you.  He wants us to know the rhythms of His grace (Matt. 11: 28-30), to know the love He has for us.  God doesn't just give love, HE IS LOVE (1 John 4:8) and He wants to pour His love into each one of us so that we know who we are in Christ, that our identity is found in God and God alone (Romans 5: 1-6); and that we then with the LOVE that we have been LOVED with can LOVE relation to this blog...LOVE OUR SPOUSE with the God kind of love.  After all, we can't give out what isn't on the inside of us.


2. Pray for your spouse and with your spouse daily.

Praying for our spouse is not only a necessity, it is a privilege, an honor and the most intimate thing a husband and wife can share.  Why?  Because when you pray for and with your spouse, you are inviting each other into the most Holy, Innermost  part of you...your relationship with God.  (Matthew 18:19-20; James 5:16;  Matthew 22: 37-40)

 Praying together establishes trust, vulnerability and a deep, spiritual connection. Praying for spouse says: 1) You are on my heart, 2) I am for you, 3) I value you and 4) Our relationship with God is important.  Our "go to" books for praying for each other are by Stormie O'Martian: Power of a Praying Husband & Power of a Praying Wife.  She also has a great prayer book for marriage: The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage.



3.  Purposefully cultivate a relationship with your spouse.  Focus on the friendship, date your spouse, choose words wisely, communicate, be quick to forgive and remember you have each other's best interest at heart.  You are on the same team.

God is a God of relationship...marriage is a God created relationship...a covenant relationship. Here's a great article from Focus on the Family with more about God's Design for Marriage and the marriage relationship. Marriage Today with Pastor Jimmy Evans has great resources as well to cultivate fun and friendship in marriage.  Here is one session on The Secret of Being Best Friends.



Pick up the Stormie O'Martian books and begin purposefully growing in your relationship with God, which will, as a result, strengthen your marriage relationship.  Take an evening and read the Focus on the Family article or watch the Jimmy Evans YouTube video attached to this blog.  Successful, strong relationships don't just happen...they are watered, cultivated and nourished... including the marriage relationship & our relationship with God.



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