23 Years of Marriage...23 Life Lessons

June 25, 2017

Today we celebrate 23 years of marriage. It is amazing to think that we have been together longer then we have been a part.  In this journey we are learning the power behind God's GRACE , discovering His PERFECT PLAN for marriage...our marriage...and realizing His REDEMPTIVE POWER is life changing, marriage transforming and relationship redeeming.


 Our marriage thus far as been an amazing voyage of discovering who we are as individuals and God's purpose for us as a married couple; an exciting adventure as we trek the ever changing terrain of parenting; a healing journey as we walk by faith together through stormy seasons, life's trials and unpredictable valleys. BUT GOD, through it all, with our eyes fixed on Him (although at times we have faltered and failed) has been and will forever be faithful in His abounding GRACE, PERFECT PLAN and REDEMPTIVE

POWER for marriage...OUR marriage & for YOUR marriage... when we choose God's way of doing life together in His most excellent creation of MARRIAGE.


 In honor of God's AWESOMENESS and our 23rd Wedding Anniversary today...here are 23 lessons we have learned about marriage.


1.  The most important relationship in marriage is having a relationship with Jesus Christ.


2. Have fun together; lighten up and keep humor at the forefront.


3.  God doesn't call attention to our faults to condemn us; rather He brings correction to perfect us in Christ. 


4.  Good healthy communication is vital to a successful marriage.


5.  Be quick to forgive.


6. Purpose to know and believe you and your spouse have each other's best interest at heart.


7.  There is a very real enemy and IT IS NOT your spouse.


8.  Communicate with the intent of being understood;

 Listen with the intent of understanding.


9. MY  and MINE are not in the vocabulary of marriage...WE and OURS are..  Our plans, Our finances, Our jobs, Our kids, Our life...this is true for remarried couples as well.


10. We can't afford not to tithe...God tells us to tithe from our first fruits; not to keep something from us; but to get HIS BLESSING to us.  Tithing isn't about the money...it's about obedience...He is after our  hearts...He is a relationship God.


11. It is God's WILL for us to be well, healed, whole and prosperous in all areas of our life.


12.  Friendship is vital to a successful marriage.


13.  Never stop dating your spouse.


14.  Love is not a feeling; it is a choice.


 15.  The "butterflies" fade and come in flutters; but there is something richer, greater and more fulfilling about knowing a deeper commitment that transcends feelings.


16.  Learn what each others' number one love languages is.


17.  Pray together; it is the most intimate thing a husband and wife can do together...it will change circumstances.


18.  Hold hands, touch, hug and be tender; especially when you don't feel like it.


19.  God created sex as a wonderful gift for marriage...purpose to make time to make love.  This gift, when prioritized in marriage, grows sweeter with time. 


20.  Don't go to bed angry...if you can't resolve an issue

 before going to bed then purpose to communicate and connect before going to sleep...'I love you, I know we need to talk about this and we will do this tomorrow after a good night's sleep...BUT WE WILL work this out."


21. Get on the same page as parents...take a parenting class together...be consistent, be fair, be a united front...ALWAYS done in love.


22.  We are not our spouse's Holy Spirit..."God CHANGE ME...make me the spouse my husband/wife needs".  NOT "God fix this man/woman you gave me". 


23.  The best marriages are two servants in love...our goal is to out serve one another!


 While this list is far from conclusive, we thought we would share 23 life lessons that have impacted us as a married couple.  We are forever students of God's Word and purpose to make marriage matters a priority because our marriage marriages and so does yours.  After all, our marriage isn't about us...it's about something far greater because someone is always watching.  We want to leave a legacy for our children, our grandchildren, our great grand children and generations to come of what MARRIAGE was created to be...a picture of Heaven on Earth.



1.  Purpose to sit down as a couple and make a list of LIFE

 LESSONS you have learned thus far as a couple.  Start with your TOP 5. ***This exercise is to be a positive, enriching, and relationship growing experience.  This is not a time to rehash the past;  but to focus on the positive and establish areas of growth in your marriage.

2.  Choose a few of the life lessons we have shared that encouraged you, challenged you or stood out to you and purpose to  implement them into your own marriage.










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